Zborowo n. Poznan
reading time - 17:59
Barometer (hPa):
- 1015.2
N 0.0 km/h
from N
Air quality: PM 2.5 PM 10
Very good 3µg/m3
Niepruszewo Lake
Temp. of water (-60 cm)
20 °C
Elevation of lake level (ASL)
77 m 5 cm
Weather forecast for next hours
Increasing clouds with little temperature change.
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Camera's link damage2017-06-20
Serious damage was made to the on-line camera's link in Zborowo. Live image will be restored after wiring exchange.
Computer crash2017-06-19
On 17.06.2017 -18.06.2017 the service was shut down due to a computer crash. Sorry.
The end of mowing the gras2017-06-05
The grass is mown, there are no obstacles on the landing strip.
Mowing the grass2017-05-22
From Monday, June 22nd to Friday, June 26th, 2017, grassland will be mown at the landing pad.

Pilots should be extra careful.
Mowing the grass2017-05-22
From Friday, September 08, 2017, the land will be mown grass. Please pilots for special care
Mowing the grass2017-05-22
From 10-07-2018 to 11-07-2018 grass will be mowed on the landing field. I am asking pilots to be especially careful

Pages: 14 5 6 7 817

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