Zborowo n. Poznan
reading time - 21:57
Barometer (hPa):
- 1014.7
E 8.0 km/h
from E
Air quality: PM 2.5 PM 10
Very good 0µg/m3 0µg/m3
Niepruszewo Lake
Temp. of water (-60 cm)
15 °C
Elevation of lake level (ASL)
77 m 12 cm
Weather forecast for next hours
Increasing clouds with little temperature change.
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Seasonal preparation of the landing field2017-03-14
From 09th April 2018 there will be steamroller working at Zborowo airport.

Pilots that would like to land or start there please keep special precaution.
Works on the landstrip2017-03-14
On May 8th and 9th, 2023, the annual rolling of the airport will take place. Please pay special attention during flight operations and not only. Working rollers will periodically appear on the airport runway.
Landstrip condition2017-03-06
Landing completely defrosted and surface are suitable for takeoffs and landings.On the south side there is a small amount of molehills, which will be removed by the end of the week.I suggest take-offs and landings on the north side of the airfield (closer to the forest).
WARNING - DANGER2017-02-20
Please do not land on the airstrip without consulting Zborowo

Due to the quick thaw, surface landing is very muddy. Unfrozen surface layer, and beneath it is still permafrost and the water does not have to infiltrate. In cases of emergency, the safest is higher, the northern side of the landstrip (near the wood).
Koszenie trawy na lądowisku2016-08-12
In the period from 16 August 2015 to 19 August 2016 on the pad in Zborowo is cut and harvested grass.Pilots are invited to special attention.
Camera on the lake Niepruszewo2016-07-28
From Jun. 28 2016 you can watch live view of the lake Niepruszewskie. There is a small shift time (tens of seconds) for technical reasons involving adapting video streams to different platforms: Windows, Android, iOS

Pages: 15 6 7 8 917

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