Zborowo n. Poznan
reading time - 12:35
Barometer (hPa):
- 1017.2
NW 0.0 km/h
from NW
Air quality: PM 2.5 PM 10
Very good 1µg/m3
Niepruszewo Lake
Temp. of water (-60 cm)
1 °C
Weather forecast for next hours
Increasing clouds with little temperature change. Precipitation possible within 24 to 48 hours.
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The report from the picnic May 20082008-05-07
On our picnic appeared a lot of people! The weather was not very nice, but fortunately it was not raining. The event finished at 10 pm with the magnificent fireworks show.

zaproszenie na piknik Zborowo 2008

Pictures from the evening will be available on the website soon. We would like to thank all the participants for coming.
Zborowo Air Picnic in May 20082008-04-10
Zborowo Air Picnic 2008 the 1^st of May 2008 at Zborowo landing field.

We invite all for paragliding competition, and even more:
- the leader of aerobatics by "Zelazny" group
- aerobatics by paragliding pilots
- hot air balloon
- helicopter precise pilotage show
- Air Cushion Vehicle in flight presentation
- Zorbing for the youngest and not only
- Fireworks show
The event is open for everyone!
The event will be opened by Ireneusz Cieslak - our former world champion of the Gordon Benet Cup.
This is the third national competition in Zborowo.
In the competition are taking part pilots of the national team with the last year's world vice-champion.
Participants from all Poland take part in the competition for "Puchar Starosty Poznanskiego". Pilots from Poznan and Leszczynski Aeroclub will present their aircrafts in the air and on the ground.
Media sponsorship: Glos Wielkopolski, Radio Merkury, Aviation Revue PLAR, Dopiewo village-mayor.

-pilot Dariusz Wysocki
-pilot Andrzej Szymański
Przygotowanie lądowiska do sezonuSeasonal preparation of the landing field2008-04-09
As every year the area of the landing field was rolled by heavy road roller. Roughness that appeared after the winter was removed. It is smooth and hard again to provide the best quality for flying in.
The general map of the space around Zborowo landing2008-03-12
This is how the general map of the space around Zborowo landing field will look like since the 10^th of April 2008.
[The area that will not undergo MART Krzesiny was marked by grey colour.]

The new map
The new map of the space division2008-03-05
According to AIP 070, dated *3th of April 2008*. the new space division around Zborowo landing field will be obligatory since the *10th *of April 2008.
The new map of the space division - PDF

Attention!: Current air maps and information on Zborowo website are present only until the *10th *of April 2008.
Free HotSpot2007-12-20
In the west side of Zborowo landing we set into action free Internet for everyone. If you have a computer with wireless WIFI card in standard 802.11 b/g, you are able to use Internet. Write SSID: aero-free and catch on free HotSpot!

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